VU Documentation

Welcome to the VU wiki & documentation!

This website is dedicated to information and guides related to VU, from playing to hosting servers and creating mods. You can use the links below or the sidebar to navigate the different sections of this site. You can also suggest fixes and improvement by using the Edit this page and Create documentation issue links at the right side of each page.

Want to just play VU?

Start playing VU

A short guide on how to get VU set up on your computer and start playing.

Troubleshooting & FAQ

Solutions to common problems and answers to common questions about VU.

Want to host a VU server?

Server hosting category

This category has everything you need to host your own VU server.

Renting a server

Don't want to set up a server yourself? You can rent one from one of these providers.

Setting up and using mods

Find out how to set up and use mods on your VU servers.

Want to create a VU mod?

Modding overview

An overview of VU's modding capabilities.

Your first mod

A tutorial on how to create your first mod.

Modding guides

In-depth guides about different modding topics and systems.

VeniceEXT Reference

A full API reference of the VeniceEXT scripting engine.

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