Setting up and using mods

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VU mods are hosted on your server and automatically sent to all joining clients. As such, your server needs to be correctly configured to properly run them.

Placing the mod files

The first step after downloading a mod is to place it in the right place. Each mod goes inside its own folder inside the Admin/Mods folder inside the server instance directory. For example, if we had a mod named incredible-mod, you would place it inside the Admin/Mods/incredible-mod directory.

To make sure that the files are in the correct folder, inside that incredible-mod directory you should see a mod.json file (alongside other files and folders). In general terms, your server instance directory should look something like this when you have mods installed:

/ server.key
/ Admin /
    / Startup.txt
    / MapList.txt
    / ModList.txt
    / Mods /
        / incredible-mod /
            / mod.json
            / ...

Loading mods

By default, VU servers will not load any mods, even if you've placed them inside the Admin/Mods folder. Instead, you must explicitly tell your server which mods to load by specifying them in the ModList.txt file. Simply add the folder name of the mod you want to load, having each name in a new line. For example, if we wanted to load the incredible-mod we put in our Admin/Mods folder earlier, our ModList.txt file would look something like this:


If we had another mod called amazing-mod and we wanted to load them both, then it would look like this:

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