Below you can find a variety of guides for different VeniceEXT modding topics. You can also find a full VeniceEXT API reference here. For more examples and sample mods, refer to the sample mod repository.

Introduction to VeniceEXT concepts
A run-through of various VeniceEXT concepts that will help you get a better understanding of how VeniceEXT is structured and works.

In-depth Events guide
In-depth guide to VeniceEXT events, which provide information about the game and its state. Find out how to subscribe to them, send them, and create custom ones.

In-depth NetEvents guide
In-depth guide to VeniceEXT NetEvents, which allow for communication between server and client scripts. Find out how to send them, receive them, and use them in more advanced ways.

In-depth Hooks guide
In-depth guide to VeniceEXT hooks, which allow you to modify game behavior on-the-fly. Find out how to install them and process them.

Splitting your code
Information on how to split your code into different scripts and use it from other scripts within the different VeniceEXT contexts.

The built-in class system
Information about VeniceEXT's built-in class system and how you can use it to improve your mods.

Interacting with the WebUI
Details on how to interact with the WebUI to provide rich UI experiences to your players.

Frostbite data basics
Details about how the Frostbite engine stores its data and metadata that controls how the game works and the game levels are set up.

Introduction to data modifications
Find out how to modify Frostbite game data using VeniceEXT to modify game behavior or create new experiences, from modifying weapon stats to creating new maps.

Dealing with entities
Information on how entities work, how to spawn them, find them, and work with them.

The DataContainer lifetime
Information about how to manage DataContainers and their lifetime.

Creating and using custom content
Details on how to create custom content using Rime and use it in VU using VeniceEXT.

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