Below you can find a full list of changes to VU, corresponding to every VU update, with the newest update at the top. Updates that have the ONLY IN DEV tag next to them are currently only available in the dev branch.

Build 20056 (25/09/2023)

  • Fix quicker acceleration on high frequency (#906)
  • Fix faster damage expiration on high frequency, which caused revive protection to last longer. (#596)
  • Fix: same bullet damages the same soldier multiple times (#552).
  • Add vu.TeamActivatedMines, which will make claymores and other mines also trigger on teammates (#894).
  • Add vu.CorpseDamageEnabled. Dealing damage to the corpse to prevent a revive. (Tip: Tweak VeniceSoldierHealthModuleData.manDownStateHealthPoints) (#912).
  • Net:HttpDelete and Net:HttpDeleteAsync allow sending data now as well (#905).

Build 20041 (25/08/2023)

  • Add the ability authenticate with the EA app / Origin (LSX) for game activation. To do this, you can run VU with -activate -lsx while the EA app / Origin is running and you are logged in to an account that owns BF3.
  • Add the ability to use a token for game activation. To do this, you can run VU with -activate -ea_token <token> where <token> is an EA authentication token. The LSX activation method prints a token you could re-use within a short amount of time.
  • All -activate commands now accept a -wait argument that can be used to make VU wait for a few seconds before terminating after activation.
  • The VU installer will now create an Activate BF3 shortcut in your start menu, which can be used to activate the game using the EA app mechanism described above.

Build 20039 (04/06/2023)

  • Add the -disableUiHwAcceleration command-line flag which forces hardware acceleration for the WebUI off, falling back to software rendering.

Build 20037 (26/05/2023)

  • Fix ClientDamageInfo returning incorrect data (#637).
  • Add software rendering support to the WebUI. This is automatically enabled for Windows 7 users and fixes the infinite loading screen on Windows 7 (#888).
  • Improve stability of the fb:// and webui:// protocols in the WebUI.
  • Decrease overal memory usage of the main game process by ~300MB. This was accomplished by enabling extra CEF processes.

Build 19989 (03/05/2023)

  • Include all CEF locales in the VU installer, this fixes a bug where some people would instantly crash on startup.

Build 19986 (15/04/2023)

  • VeniceEXT was updated to 1.13.0 (changelog).
  • Add vu.FriendlyFireSuppression RCON command to enable/disable friendly fire suppression. Disabled by default.
  • Add volume multiplier to VOIP.
  • Fix issue that prevents number mod settings from saving correctly.
  • Fix -maxPlayers by setting max spectators to 0 by default

Build 19969 (21/12/2022)

  • Fix a potential garbagecollection crash (#889).

Build 19968 (03/11/2022)

  • VeniceEXT was updated to 1.12.0 (changelog).
  • Add vu.DisablePreRound RCON command.
  • Introduce -username and -password as client launch arguments to automatically login.
  • Introduce -maxPlayers as server launch argument. Note: Spectator slots count as well.
  • CEF got upgraded to 4638. This will come with potential bug & crash fixes such as fixing black screen and out of memory issues. The performance and the memory usage should be overall improved.
  • WebUI console warn and error messages are now forwarded to the VU console.
  • Fix squads being private by default.
  • Fix squads not getting assigned properly in squad rush and squad deathmatch.

Build 19551 (13/10/2022)

  • Fix a potential crash when spawning a bot in TDM after a map switch.

Build 19549 (08/10/2022)

  • VeniceEXT was updated to 1.11.0 (changelog).
  • Fix AutoTeamEntityData.rotateTeamOnNewRound being ignored. When this is set to false, teams will no longer be rotated between rounds.
  • Several changes to modList.* RCON commands:
    • modList.List will now be sorted and all lower-cased.
    • modList.Available will now be all lower-cased.
    • modList.ListRunning will now be sorted and all lower-cased.
    • modList.Add won't be case-sensitive anymore.
    • modList.Remove won't be case-sensitive anymore and also contains a fix where it would remove the mod but return ModNotListed.

Build 19412 (11/09/2022)

  • VeniceEXT was updated to 1.10.0 (changelog).
  • Add initial support for adjusting mod settings from the VU settings menu.
  • Add vars.maxSpectators RCON command.

Build 19072 (06/09/2022)

  • VeniceEXT was updated to 1.9.0 (changelog).
  • Fix joining password-protected servers via launch-arguments.

Build 19002 (22/07/2022)

  • Fix an issue where downloaded mod files wouldn't be saved to disk.

Build 18991 (22/07/2022)

  • Improve unicode compatibility across the board. Updates may still fail for installations in paths with unicode characters.
  • Make command-line options case-insensitive.
  • Add support for generating full memory dumps on crash by using the -fulldump command-line option. When this is enabled, the crash dialog will show the upload as having failed.
  • Improve reliability of crash reporting.
  • Fix several crashes related to audio devices.
  • Fix several crashes related to poor network conditions / anti-DDoS environments.
  • On supported configurations, the computer will now assign VU the high performance GPU.

Build 18896 (20/07/2022)

  • Fix an issue where starting VU launches the process but it gets stuck in Task Manager when Citrix is installed.
  • Fix VU crashing when unplugging an audio device.
  • Fix VU crashing shortly after startup when an audio device gets in an invalid state.
  • Fix sorting servers by player count.
  • Server tags in the server filters window are now sorted.

Build 18848 (29/05/2022)

  • Fix various issues caused by handling invalid entities.
  • Fix VU mod memory usage reporting.
  • Improve reliability of raycast methods.
  • VeniceEXT was updated to 1.8.1 (changelog).

Build 18675 (03/05/2022)

  • Fix an issue where frostbite type array operations would sometimes cause memory corruption or UB.
  • Fix a crash when Player:AttachSoldier was called during certain update passes.

Build 18675 (03/05/2022)

  • Fix an issue where frostbite type array operations would sometimes cause memory corruption or UB.
  • Fix a crash when Player:AttachSoldier was called during certain update passes.

Build 18616 (02/05/2022)

  • The VU Main Menu and the Built-in Mod are now open source and open to contribution.
  • Allow development of the built-in mod when -vextdebug is defined (see mod readme).
  • Expose mod settings api to main menu UI (state.settings.modSettings and relevant SetModSettingX calls).
  • Expose account storage api to main menu UI (state.user.accountStorage and relevant actions).
  • Expose favorite server api to main menu UI (state.servers.favoriteServers and relevant actions).
  • VeniceEXT was updated to 1.8.0 (changelog).

Build 18474 (06/04/2022)

  • Fix HTTP asset download issues.

Build 18463 (01/04/2022)

  • Fix a server freeze that would happen when a player connected.
  • Increase texture streaming pool size by default, fixing infinite loading for mods that inject lots of bundles.
  • VeniceEXT was updated to 1.7.0 (changelog).

Build 18244 (22/02/2022)

  • Prevent crash report window from showing up when running in console or headless mode (#723).
  • VeniceEXT was updated to 1.6.0 (changelog).

Build 18241 (18/02/2022)

  • Fix SoldierEntity.weaponsComponent.weapons indices (#743)

Build 18070 (18/02/2022)

  • Fix vu.SetTeamTicketCount not working for KillCounterEntity (#729)
  • Fix ModSettings string and option saving (#744)
  • Fix missing implementation of ServerAutoTeamEntity events (#757)
  • Player:SetSquadLeader now triggers after engine update instead of before (#746)
  • VeniceEXT was updated to 1.5.0 (changelog).

Build 18043 (08/01/2022)

  • Fix a few small memory leaks.
  • Greatly reduce the number of memory allocations throughout the lifetime of the process.
  • Fix various cases of memory corruption.
  • Slightly improve memory fragmentation.
  • Improve safety checks and error reporting, resulting in less silent crashes.
  • Add support for hosting mod assets on an external HTTP server, configurable through the vu.HttpAssetUrl RCON command.
  • VeniceEXT was updated to 1.4.0 (changelog).

Build 17967 (03/01/2022)

  • Rename Player:UpdateInput (server) to Player:UpdateInteract.

Build 17887 (16/12/2021)

  • Fix Player:Created not being triggered for normal players (previously bots only).

Build 17884 (12/12/2021)

  • Potential fix for Player:Connected event not finding a player object.

Build 17880 (5/12/2021)

  • Change EntityBus.networkId to be writable.

Build 17879 (26/11/2021)

  • Fix a crash when specified RCON port is already in use. (#719)

Build 17876 (06/11/2021)

  • Fix a crash when a voip-connected player disconnected unexpectedly.
  • Improve reliability of the Origin linking process.
  • Add presence and account linking support for EA Desktop.
  • Add support for up to 128 teams.
  • Add a vu.DrawMemoryStats client-side console command (only available while connected to a server) that shows memory usage information for all loaded mods.
  • Allow WebUI mods to perform garbage collection manually by calling window.gc().
  • Various performance improvements and minor bugfixes.
  • VeniceEXT was updated to 1.3.2 (changelog).

Build 17777 (12/10/2021)

  • Fix a memory leak caused by detailed client-side raycasts.
  • VeniceEXT was updated to 1.3.1 (changelog).

Build 17768 (11/10/2021)

  • Fix a memory leak when using fb:// resources in the WebUI.
  • Added support for in-game VoIP (see VeniceEXT changelog for API details).
  • Added support for changing VU settings from the in-game settings menu.
  • VeniceEXT was updated to 1.3.0 (changelog).

Build 17689 (16/09/2021)

  • Improve performance of cross-mod Event dispatching.
  • Improve performance of NetEvent serialization.
  • Fix spectators not being sent to RCON.
  • Fix spectators not receiving Yell messages.
  • Add additional checks to Entity operations to prevent undefined behavior.
  • Greatly rework how players are managed internally, reducing the amount of edge cases when accessing player objects via VEXT.
  • Fix various player related VEXT and RCON events.
  • Fix various issues with player-targetted NetEvents.
  • Add support for specifying a server password when using the vu://join or vu://spectate command-line arguments or hyperlinks.
  • Add support for specifying a server password when using the connect or spectate console commands.
  • Automatically apply server filters when pressing the Enter key in the server name or min/max player/ping inputs.
  • Fix various crashes and cases of undefined behavior.
  • Add a new -cefdebug command-line argument that turns on verbose CEF debug logging.
  • VeniceEXT was updated to version 1.2.0 (changelog).
  • A bunch of other minor fixes and changes.

Build 17589 (15/05/2021)

  • Fix admin.listPlayers all RCON command not behaving as intended (#506).
  • Increase maximum allowed teams to 127 (#619).
  • VeniceEXT was updated to version 1.1.3 (changelog).

Build 17547 (25/03/2021)

  • VeniceEXT was updated to version 1.1.2 (changelog).

Build 17546 (25/03/2021)

  • Fix inverted vars.3pCam and vars.3dSpotting RCON commands (#559).

Build 17545 (07/03/2021)

  • Add -dxdebug client command line flag to enable D3D11 Validation Layers.

Build 17539 (11/02/2021)

  • Add support for tracing VeniceEXT execution post-crash with -vexttrace.
  • Fix bots not having access to DLC weapons and equipment (#593).
  • Fix error messages not showing up properly when player creation fails (#600).
  • Forcefully assign players to Squad 1 when switching teams in squad-based gamemodes (#578).
  • VeniceEXT was updated to version 1.1.1 (changelog).

Build 17490 (24/01/2021)

  • Fix an issue with the UI Nametag hooks (#591).

Build 17487 (18/01/2021)

  • Fix an issue with the client trying to connect to an empty IP when joining a local server (#588).

Build 17485 (18/01/2021)

  • Fix an issue where would be used when joining local servers (#566).
  • Fix an issue where players would get dropped from a server when connection to Zeus was lost.
  • Server browser pings should now more accurately represent network latency + processing delay.
  • Add two new read-only RCON variables: vu.Fps and vu.FpsMa.
  • Fix a crash / black screen after soldier creation failed.
  • Add a new -joinhost launch argument which allows servers to specify a hostname to be joined by, bypassing NAT detection.
  • Add bad server performance indicators to the server browser (servers with less than freq-hz * 1.1 fps).
  • Add a warning when joining a server with performance issues.
  • Improve error messages when linking an Origin account.
  • Improve error messages when creating, deleting, or logging in with a soldier.
  • Update bundled CA certificates (#579).
  • VeniceEXT was updated to version 1.1.0 (changelog).

Build 17394 (15/01/2021)

  • Fix a crash in RCON:RegisterCommand.

Build 17384 (22/12/2020)

  • Add a scrollbar to the server browser
  • Increase scrolling speed of the server browser
  • Remove team player limits from all gamemodes, allowing more than 64 players on servers
  • Add a specific error message for busy servers when connecting to Zeus

Build 17380 (21/12/2020)

  • Fix a handle leak when running multiple VU clients.
  • Reduce idle CPU usage of VU when running multiple clients.
  • Re-introduce the -noUpdate launch argument for servers.

Build 17370 (21/12/2020)

  • Fix a UI crash after a failed backend reconnection.
  • Improve backend connection error messages.
  • Add support for displaying global messages.

Build 17368 (20/12/2020)

  • VeniceEXT was updated to version 1.0.8 (changelog).

Build 17358 (20/12/2020)

  • Introduce a new compact listing view for the server browser.
  • Improve visibility of the server listing headings (filters, sorters, etc.).
  • Change default squad size to 4.
  • Fix a UI crash after a failed login attempt.
  • VeniceEXT was updated to version 1.0.7 (changelog).

Build 17353 (19/12/2020)

  • VeniceEXT was updated to version 1.0.6 (changelog).
  • Update to Lua 5.4.2.

Build 17349 (18/12/2020)

  • VeniceEXT was updated to version 1.0.5 (changelog).

Build 17345 (11/12/2020)

  • VeniceEXT was updated to version 1.0.4 (changelog).

Build 17343 (9/12/2020)

  • Fix floating point issue with VeniceEXT client KillCounterEntity.

Build 17342 (9/12/2020)

  • VeniceEXT was updated to version 1.0.3 (changelog).

Build 17336 (8/12/2020)

  • Fix RCON crashes across the entire remote interface (#512).
  • Add support for exposing client KillCounterEntity to VeniceEXT.

Build 17335 (5/12/2020)

  • Hotpatch crashes caused by the havok debris system (#542).
  • Fix VeniceEXT version number (#550).

Build 17316 (21/11/2020)

  • Fix a regression with the lua engine that caused crashes on level load (#543).
  • Minor performance improvements and bugfixes.
  • VeniceEXT was updated to version 1.0.2 (changelog).

Build 17307 (13/11/2020)

  • Rework frostbite animation code to allow processing up to 512 animation operations at once (was 64, fixes #537).

Build 17301 (12/11/2020)

  • Fix crashes caused by using Frostbite textures in the WebUI (#539).
  • Update to Lua 5.4.1.

Build 17262 (28/10/2020)

  • Fix a bug where team ticket counts were missing in RCON command serverInfo (#517).
  • Fix a bug where an invalid RCON client would crash the server (#526).
  • Fix a bug where vu.serverBanner could not be cleared once set (#518).
  • Apply all currently known bugfixes to Lua core.
  • VeniceEXT was updated to version 1.0.1 (changelog).

Build 17259 (28/10/2020)

  • Fix a bug which would cause the server to only process one network message on every update / frame. This should greatly improve performance and reduce delays for mods which use NetEvents extensively.

Build 17203 (27/10/2020)

  • You can now have your server be unlisted (not shown in the server list) by launching it with the -unlisted argument (see here for more details).
  • You can now specify the server connection IP manually using the -joinaddr argument (see here for more details).

Build 17182 (05/10/2020)

  • Fix game activation via the -activate command-line option (thanks Imposter).

Build 17169 (03/10/2020)

  • Allow creating and using up to 4 different soldiers.
  • Fixed scrolling issue when VU wasn't fullscreen or in the main monitor.
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