The ResourceCompartment enum represents the various logical compartments that the game loads game data and assets into, and is used for logical separation and data lookups.


Name Description
ResourceCompartment_First_ Value: 0
ResourceCompartment_Static This compartment contains core game data (eg. shared configuration and level lists) that gets loaded at startup and remains loaded until the game shuts down.
Value: 0
ResourceCompartment_Frontend This compartment primarily contains UI data and assets.
Value: 1
ResourceCompartment_LoadingScreen This compartment contains data for the level loading screens.
Value: 2
ResourceCompartment_Game This compartment contains the main game data for a specific level (usually everything that's in the main level bundle).
Value: 3
ResourceCompartment_Dynamic_Begin_ Value: 4
ResourceCompartment_Dynamic_Synchronized_Begin_ This marks the first compartment that is dynamically allocated to host synchronized data (synchronized as in data that is loaded on both the server and the client). Such data is usually data / assets in gamemode-specific bundles.
Value: 4
ResourceCompartment_Dynamic_Synchronized_End_ Value: 104
ResourceCompartment_Dynamic_ClientOnly_Begin_ This marks the first compartment that is dynamically allocated to host client-only data. Such data is usually data / assets in weapon bundles.
Value: 105
ResourceCompartment_Dynamic_ClientOnly_End_ Value: 205
ResourceCompartment_Dynamic_End_ Value: 205
ResourceCompartment_Count_ Value: 205
ResourceCompartment_Forbidden Value: 205
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